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Buildings’ renovation makerspace

We produce knowledge, guidelines and policy recommendations to safeguard vulnerable buildings across the EU. Ageing buildings in Europe present an increasing challenge towards preserving public safety and account for a significant source of energy consumption.

In order to efficiently modernise our building stock, we present economical solutions that combine renovation activities to save time and resources in upgrades that protect our people and planet.

Seismic and energy renovation projects are key to the sustainable development of Europe. Resilient buildings protect our citizens equally, decrease natural resource consumption and buttress our economy.

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The European pilot project 'Integrated techniques for the seismic strengthening and energy efficiency of existing buildings' provides open-access and timely information and data relevant to support renovation projects on ageing buildings across the EU.

In a policy context, it provides scientific advice to support the development of an action plan, which shall supplement existing European Union policies and initiatives in the field of building renovation. Crucially, the European Green Deal emphasises the need for a Renovation Wave, supported by the New European Bauhaus to create sustainable, inclusive and beautiful living spaces.

The project was initiated by the European Parliament and is conducted by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.

Join our online community through our Buildings' renovation makerspace web portal to get updates from newly published region-specific data, technical and science for policy reports, public communication material, and a technical repository of all collected and produced material.